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In 1983 a talented young lady, Marisa and a brilliant young man Piero, entered the world of
catering with the management of the restaurant "Roma”.
With the experience gained and the substantial costumer base acquired,
they decided, in 1996 to raise the bar by startin
g the management of 
“Palmino Restaurant”.

Passion, new ideas, determination and a lot of hard work finally have made the

restaurant a point of reference for the local catering.


Marisa Mercatili

In the name of love she decided to follow Piero’s passion, she put aside

her nurse uniform to get

into the chef uniform.

Study, dedication and an excellent palate give to her cuisine

delicacy and balance with an open eye to innovation.

Piero Grilli

Not only sommelier and maître, but the real soul of the restaurant.
Stubborness, passion and the costant desire to make

his guests happy are his priorities

and the basics of his job.

With his 40 years experience as a maître he manages to give a footprint of high

class and elegance to the service.


Christian, Alex, Valentina

The experience of Grilli’s family towards the world of catering continues today
with their children Christian, Alex e Valentina. They support with dedication and
passion the work of their parents. A childhood and an adolescence spent in the
family restaurant, where the days were divided between work and study.

Christian, a doctor of economics and commerce, never quitted the restaurant for
his studies. After various work experiences in Italy and in England he came back
to the management of the restaurant with rigor and attention for details.

Alex cultivated an almost religious admiration for good food since forever, with
this passion inside he completed his engineering degree and his cooking courses
all around Italy, today in the brigate he takes care of the management and

organization of the kitchen.

Valentina, the little girl of the family, dedicated to linguistic mediation studies, in
her spare time she supports the family with her outstanding

skills in the art of hospitality.


"One team, one family in which everyone cooperates to reach one single aim: satisfy their guests"

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